Professor Xavier and the X-Men #2: The Gentleman Vanishes!

The X-Men are training in the Danger Room when their session is stopped abruptly. Professor Xavier informs them of a mutant, the Vanisher, stealing from a bank. The Vanisher mysteriously disappears after. The X-Men are called to action, but not before Bobby pulls a prank on everyone.

At the Pentagon in Washington D.C., the Vanisher makes an appearance. He threatens that in a few days, he will return to seize “computerised launch codes” held by General Meyers. He disappears as quickly as he appears.

Back at the Vanisher’s headquarters, his henchmen are tracking reports on the sightings of the Vanisher. As he expected, he is beginning to make himself a known threat, in an effort to lure the X-Men to him. Unfortunately, his henchmen haven’t gathered enough information on the X-Men, angering the Vanisher.

The next day, the Vanisher returns for the launch codes, demanding a ransom of a hundred million dollars in return. The X-Men are hot on his heels. Angel lifts him into the air, but the Vanisher simply disappears, letting the launch codes free-fall. Beast catches it, and the Vanisher reclaims the codes. Cyclops’ optic blast stuns the Vanisher, allowing Marvel Girl to retrieve the codes telekinetically. The Vanisher takes her down with a sedative. Iceman freezes the Vanisher, but he still manages to escape with the codes.

The X-Men are humiliated in the face of defeat, but Xavier has other plans.

The following day, the Vanisher barges into the White House expecting his ransom money to be paid. Instead, he is ambushed by Xavier and his X-Men. In an effort to stop the Vanisher, Xavier reaches into the former’s mind, and “fog[s] the part of [his] brain that enables [him] to control [his powers]”.

The Vanisher is momentarily unconscious. His henchmen start attacking, but the X-Men are quick to defeat them. Awakening, the Vanisher is unable to vanish because he can’t remember how to. The Vanisher isn’t a threat for the moment, but the X-Men will be keeping an eye on him. Seeing that their job is done, the X-Men themselves return back home.