Professor Xavier and the X-Men #3: Freak Show

Scott is at the circus when he comes across the Blob. After witnessing a demonstration of the Blob’s indestructibility, Scott comes to a conclusion that he must be a mutant. He goes to talk to the Blob, Dukes, and brings him back to the Institute.

Professor Xavier gives Dukes a tour of the Institute and introduces him to the X-Men. Dukes refuses to believe that just because he’s “heavy and strong” doesn’t prove he is a mutant. Xavier shows him the test results with the conclusion that he is “[immovable]” and his skin is “[pliable]”.

Xavier offers Dukes to join the school, but Dukes refuses. With the newfound knowledge of his powers, he was going to “teach a whold lotta people” “a whole lotta lessons”. Xavier is disappointed in Dukes but doesn’t force him to stay. Though Xavier requires Dukes to be mindwiped of all his knowledge of the X-Men. But the X-Men are unable to stop Dukes and the latter escapes. He falls into a tunnel on the Institute grounds but keeps running.

Xavier immediately orders for the Blob to be found. Cyclops is concerned that Xavier hadn’t told them about the “underground tunnels” that run under the property, but Xavier puts the explanation aside for later.

Dukes finds his way back to the circus after running for hours through the tunnel. The enraged ringmaster starts verbally abusing the Blob, but the Blob merely picks him up and tosses him aside. He calls a meeting with the whole circus, and declares himself the boss. As he starts talking about the X-Men, they spot Angel in the sky. The Blob has a plan to capture the X-Men and make money out of exhibiting them as freaks.

The Institute comes under attack by the circus. Xavier orders his X-Men to lose on purpose to lure the circus into the mansion. Meanwhile, uses an amplifier to magnify his telepathic powers and wipes their memories clean of the X-Men and the Institute. Xavier steps into Blob’s childhood memories and tries to convince him not to develop hatred towards the bullies, but Dukes is determined to seek revenge all of them.

Xavier is saddened that Dukes isn’t “emotionally prepared” for the knowledge of his powers, and sends him back to the circus to being a freak show.