Professor Xavier and the X-Men #6: Fallen Angel

The X-Men are preparing for Jean’s parents’ visit to the mansion. The X-Men are frustrated that her parents’ have chosen a bad time to visit, but Warren still turns the charm on.

Meanwhile, Scott is preoccupied with Xavier’s poor condition. A television broadcast catches Hank’s eye and the X-Men head to Madison Square Garden to check out the situation. They suspect that Toad is in a disguise trying out for the Olympics, and when the mask comes off after quite a chase through New York City, they come face to face with Magneto and the Brotherhood. Magneto has Angel bound in metal straps while the X-Men have Toad captured. But the X-Men are unable to stop the Brotherhood from escaping with Angel held captive into space.

Angel is being tortured at the hands of Magneto. Scarlett Witch vocally opposes Magneto’s actions, and secretly stops Angel’s torture after Magneto leaves. The X-Men make their way on board Magneto’s space station. The X-Men and Brotherhood continually battle. The station starts breaking apart. Magneto seals off the collapsing tunnel, exposing the X-Men to certain death.

In the tunnel, Marvel Girl is straining to use her telekinesis to keep the tunnel together. When they are in close enough range, Iceman creates an ice tunnel to hold up the tunnel for the X-Men to make it to safety. They escape just in time before the asteroid falls apart.

Getting back to the mansion, the X-Men find Xavier up and about and his telepathy had returned. And even had a Danger Room session prepped for the X-Men.

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