Professor Xavier and the X-Men #8: Maneuvers

The newly graduated X-Men embark on their first mission without direction from Professor Xavier against the Blob. When their jet mysteriously disassembles itself, the X-men realise that Magneto is near. Cyclops orders an ice slide from Iceman to get the X-Men to safety, not wanting Marvel Girl to exhaust her strength.

Angel meanwhile plants an assault on the Blob with a steel bar, but the Blob, unfaltering, quickly captures Angel. Beast tries to get the Blob to release Angel, but takes a hard one from the Blob himself.

Cyclops goes off to explore the hanger left ajar, but hears that Marvel Girl is in trouble, having strained herself to telekinetically keep the Blob aloft. She manages to momentarily keep the Blob down by throwing him to the ground.

Magneto and the Brotherhood make their appearance shortly, with a full arsenal of launched missiles, controlled by Magneto.

Iceman puts up an ice shield while Marvel Girl contains Cyclops’ blasts to take out the missiles in a telekinetic bubble.

Cyclops has Iceman freeze the Blob in an attempt to get through to him. Angel and Marvel Girl take on Quicksilver, who ambushed Angel. Marvel Girl tries to spread the use of her telekinesis on Quicksilver and the Blob, but the Blob takes advantage of Marvel Girl’s weakened hold on him and breaks free. Scarlett Witch hexes Marvel Girl and Angel’s assault on Quicksilver, freeing her brother.

Seizing the moment when all the X-Men are together, Magneto sends the last of his missiles in the X-Men’s direction. Magneto reveals his plan in using the “simple-minded” Blob as a ruse to get the X-Men together close enough for the former to take them all out.

Outraged at this revelation of being used, the Blob shields the X-Men against the missiles, foiling Magneto’s plans. Cyclops doesn’t jump at the opportunity of blasting Magneto’s jet, not wanting to hurt Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch, as he sees good in the two of them.

Distrusting everyone, the Blob doesn’t appreciate Cyclops’ attempt to be friendly towards him. The Blob wishes for the X-Men to just leave him alone and Cyclops chooses to respect the Blob’s wish, stating that they’ve “come to an understanding”.