Professor Xavier and the X-Men #9: Breaches of Faith

The X-Men are training in the Danger Room. Beast is getting annoyed with Cyclops. Ever since the Professor’s absence, Cyclops has gotten more “tense” and “smug”. Cyclops calls the session to an end after Beast gets angry with him for getting Jean to knock him off guard.

While the rest of the X-Men are planning to go into the city for the afternoon, Jean finds Scott in the study to see if he’d like to join them.

Jean: “Care for a telekinetic helping hand?”
Scott: “Jean?! You startled me! I thought you were all going to go into the city.”
Jean: “The guys are still getting ready. Are you sure you don’t want to join us, Scott?”
Scott: Lord, she’s beautiful! Have to get a grip...can’t let her know how I feel. Now that I’m the X-Men’s leader it wouldn’t be right for us to get involved. “Er, I can’t. I’ve still got work to do.”
Jean: “All right. I’ll leave you alone. But there’s something I need to tell you first. I think--” I’m falling in love with you. “--That you should stop being so rough on yourself. You’re trying too hard. Overcompensating for the Professor’s absence is not going to work. Relax--You’ve already won our respect.” And my heart. “The rest will fall into place. You’ll see...Are you going to be okay?”
Scott: I would be...If I could just hold you in my arms and show you how much I love you. “I’ll be fine. Go on and have some fun. And Jean...thanks for the support.”
Jean: You have that and more, Scott Summers--And hopefully someday you’ll open your heart long enough to realise it.

While out in the city, Hank rescues a little boy stuck on the roof of a water storage unit. Having witnessed Hank in action, an angry anti-mutant mob gathers in the street below. They attack Hank and Bobby. Hank is furious that he gets assaulted for saving a child’s life.

Back in the mansion, Hank vents his anger on Scott. Hank goes onto quit the X-Men because he is “tired of risking [his] life for a bunch of folks who fear and hate [them] simply because [they] exist”.

Hank goes into wrestling to help fund his own research. One night, he is scheduled to fight Unus the Untouchable. Hank is easily defeated by Unus, who merely deflects whatever Hank throws at him. Hank immediately suspects Unus to be a mutant. Seeing Mastermind in the crowd, Hank makes the assumption that Mastermind has come to recruit Unus to join the Brotherhood. Hank spies on Unus and Mastermind. His suspicions prove to be correct and decides to warn the X-Men.

There is no one in the mansion when Hank lets himself in. Walking through the empty hallways, Hank starts to feel a little guilty for barging out on them last week. Hank begins to wonder if the X-Men are out fighting Unus. His security clearance still works for the lower levels of the mansion, and he thinks Cyclops has left something for him.

As Hank had suspected, the X-Men were indeed out fighting Unus. The X-Men soon realise that it is impossible to defeat Unus. They retreat to the mansion to find Hank working on a weapon. Beast locks the X-Men in the mansion long enough for him to use his weapon on Unus, increasing Unus’ power. Now, Unus is unable to touch anything, even food. Unus makes a deal with Beast not to join the Brotherhood to have his power back as it was before.

Unus returns to the wrestling ring, and Beast to his fellow X-Men, where they belong.