Professor Xavier and the X-Men #11: Primal Urges

At the crack of dawn, Warren seizes the chance before a Danger Room session to go flying. He loses track of time while distracted with thoughts of wooing Jean.

Back at the Institute, the rest of the X-Men are training in the Danger Room. On the outside, Cyclops tries to discourage a relationship between him and Marvel Girl, but internally, he is still pining for her. Marvel Girl is disappointed that Cyclops doesn’t want to be more than just friends.

In the Savage Land, a Tarzan-like wild man and his Sabretooth Tiger rescues and returns a lost expedition member to his team, only to be attacked by the team. This event is televised. While the X-Men conclude that the wild man must be a mutant to survive the bitter cold without protective clothing, Professor Xavier confirms that Cerebro detected no mutant signature coming from the wild man. Nonetheless, he schedules a “field trip” for the X-Men to investigate.

The X-Men arrive at the South Pole, only to be attacked by Dinosaurs as they stumble upon the lush jungles of the Savage Land. Angel takes to the skies to track the Pterodactyls. Trekking through the jungle, they are ambushed by a tribe of natives. The wild man, named Ka-Zar, comes to the X-Men’s aid, but Marvel Girl is captured. Ka-Zar agrees to help the X-Men rescue their teammate. Meanwhile, Angel flies into a trap and is captured by the same natives who took Marvel Girl. The two X-Men are being offered to a Tyrannosaurus Rex as sacrifice.

Ka-Zar leads Cyclops, Beast and Iceman to the natives’ fortress. Iceman throws up an ice shield against arrows that promptly attack them.

Marvel Girl manages to stun the T-Rex momentarily, and untie Angel. Mentally strained, she collapses, but Angel rescues her in the nick of time. After getting them safely out of the T-Rex’s reach, Angel takes a chance to steal a kiss from Marvel Girl, but she doesn’t return the affectionate gesture. Angel realises that Marvel Girl isn’t romantically interested in him. Suddenly, the natives ambush them as their try to defend themselves.

Cyclops attempts to penetrate the fortress with his optic blasts, but makes little progress as the natives close up on them. Ka-Zar calls out to the wooly mammoths for help. The herd trample the fortress with ease.

Marvel Girl and Angel are reunited with the rest of their team as the natives are chased away by the mammoths. Cyclops’ over-concern for her leads Marvel Girl to think that he might have deeper feelings for her after all.

The X-Men bid farewell to Ka-Zar and return to the Institute.

Days later, Jean finds Warren on the hill at dawn. She brings him a hot morning drink as they have a heart to heart talk about Warren’s behaviour at the Savage Land. Warren apologises for making a move on Jean when she is clearly interested in Scott. He wishes them the best, and tells Jean to be patient for Scott to come around. The two friends make their way back to the mansion.