Professor Xavier and the X-Men #13: Battle Stations

Today, the X-Men prepare the mansion grounds for the anticipated and dreaded arrival of Xavier’s step-brother Cain Marko, aka the Juggernaut. The X-Men lay some traps while Xavier readies himself in the War Room, estimating that at Cain’s rate of travel, he’ll reach the Institute by dusk.

The resident prankster, Iceman, decides to lighten the mood and plays a prank on Beast. Cyclops puts a quick end to Iceman’s game, reminding him that their lives depend on all the preparations they’ve made because the Juggernaut will stop at nothing until he destroys Xavier.

Meanwhile, the Juggernaut carves a path of destruction through upstate New York to get to the Xavier mansion.

Back outside the mansion, Iceman had just finished creating an ice plateau over a trench of water. Angel comes to check on Iceman and inform him to return to the mansion as soon as possible. As Iceman resumes his ice form and prepares to return to the mansion, Juggernaut appears, smashing through the ice plateau. Summoning all his power, Iceman turns the remaining ice back into water, causing the Juggernaut to fall into the trench and then burying him within the iced water.

Iceman hurries back into the mansion as the Juggernaut continues to infiltrate the mansion, easily getting past the forcefield the X-Men set up, as well as the canisters of gas.

Xavier positions himself in the control booth of the Danger Room, giving orders to his X-Men to assume their battle positions. But the X-Men are no match for the Juggernaut, who finds Xavier soon enough.

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