Professor Xavier and the X-Men #15: Dangerous Convictions

In one corner of New York City, Magneto watches over the Brotherhood as they train. When they have a chance alone, Quicksilver pulls his sister, the Scarlet Witch aside, voicing his anger towards Magneto’s treating them like “sub-servants”. Both siblings formulate an escape plan.

Meanwhile, Xavier is preoccupied with the search for a new mutant possessing “incredible power”.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl are observing the street from on top of a building. Marvel Girl muses over her feelings for Cyclops and is disappointed that he still shows no signs of returning those feelings. Suddenly, Xavier mentally alerts them to the location of the mutant, in Central Park. The X-Men hurry to that locale.

At the same time, Magneto awaits the arrival of the Stranger near Central Park, with the intention of recruiting the latter for his Brotherhood. The Stranger is unimpressed by Magneto’s offer, nor his display of magnetic abilities. The Brotherhood are no match for the Stranger as they are easily taken down.

Angel witnesses the explosion from the commotion and rushes to the scene, with the other X-Men close behind. To get the Stranger on his side, Magneto tries to convince him that the X-Men are their “mutual enemy”. The Stranger is disinterested in the fight but offers to take Magneto with him to where he is going.

With Magneto gone, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch see no point in serving “that Madman” again. Cyclops offers them a place with the X-Men but the siblings just wish to return to their homeland.

Arriving in Central Park, the Stranger holds Magneto and Toad captive. On board the Blackbird, Xavier examines the body of Mastermind. He concludes that the molecules of Mastermind’s body has been altered by alien technology. The Stranger posed a threat to Earth if the X-Men are not able to stop him in time.

The X-Men find Magneto and Toad wrapped in cocoons in Central Park, proof of the Stranger’s work. The Stranger appears out of nowhere, and taking Magneto and Toad with him, he disappears into space.