X-Men: The Hidden Years #13: Blood and Circuses

Marvel Girl awakens on a king-sized bed in a well-furnished room with Cyclops by her side. When Cyclops tries to take advantage of her and she cannot use her telekinesis to push him away, her telepathy tells her that this is all an illusion. She finds the Blob and Mastermind in her cell. The two start arguing amongst themselves.

Meanwhile in Illinois, Xavier is still trying to calm Ashley down. Hank is comforting a distraught Mrs Martin, having just learned that her daughter is a mutant. Suddenly, Ashley starts to piece the broken Sentinel together again. Xavier reaches into Ashley’s mind with his telepathy to “sever those areas of Ashley’s conscious mind from all connection with the mutated part of her brain” to stop her from causing more harm.

In the Savage Land, Havok and Magnetrix lead Iceman to the site of the crashed ship that Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Beast flew to the Savage Land. Iceman flips the crashed ship over and the trio make their way back to the Institute.

Cyclops and Candy are reunited with Angel, caged in individual cages. Angel tells Cyclops after he chased Avia, both of them were picked up by a fishing trawler. The captain sold them to Kruger, and Kruger sold Angel to the Blob. Cyclops adds that they were not able to rescue Avia and ended up being captured as well. Angel is also surprised to see his girlfriend, Candy, with Cyclops.

Just then, the Blob appears with a smug Jean on his arm, and sends the three captives into the circus rink to fend themselves against clowns and wild animals on a rampage. Cyclops discovers he is unable to use his optic blast when he tries to and gets pummelled by the Blob. He figures out that this is all an illusion, and when he thought he couldn’t fire an optic blast, he actual could and blasted a hole in the ground in which the Blob fell into. Angel flies Candy to safety and Cyclops wonders where Marvel Girl is among the chaos. Cyclops and Angel gain an upper hand in the battle.

Meanwhile, Marvel Girl picks the lock of her cell door telekinetically. She wanders out into the hallway and is rendered unconscious by Kruger hidden behind a wall.

Iceman, Havok and Magnetrix arrive back at the Institute to an empty mansion. They find evidence of a skirmish (between the X-Men and the Fantastic Four), and using Cerebro, Iceman finds two readings, one of which are the X-Men and another one in the Himalayas.

At the Worthington estate, Warren’s widowed mother is getting married to Warren’s uncle. Kathryn Worthington wishes her son could attend her wedding.

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