X-Men: The Hidden Years #16: Echoes of a Lost Generation

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Iceman return to the Institute while Warren remains at the Worthington estate to oversee his mother’s funeral. They find out that Havok and Magnetrix have taken off by themselves to track down the mutant in the Himalayas that Cerebro had discovered. They immediately device a plan to find the two younger X-Men.

In the Himalayas, the Sentinel ship that Havok and Magnetrix had taken crashed into the mountains. When Magnetrix stirs, she remembers the ship crashing into another object. She finds Havok missing. After walking a short distance, she comes across an abandoned temple.

Warren is still at the Worthington estate with Candy. He watches as the medics take care of his mother’s body while the police arrest his uncle. Before she left, Jean put mental blocks on both Warren’s uncle and Doctor Stuart to prevent them from revealing Warren to be a mutant and an X-Man.

A mysterious intruder breaks into the Institute when all the X-Men are gone. He slips past the mansion’s security systems and takes Avia hostage. He has a plan to take on the X-Men.

As Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Iceman fly into the Himalayas, they encounter the same rocky objects that crashed Havok’s ship. They encounter what looks like a Yeti tossing boulders at them.

Meanwhile, the professor has remained in Illinois to monitor Ashley’s situation. Mrs Martin, Ashley’s mother, is concerned about her daughter being diagnosed as a mutant and the possibility of her joining the X-Men. Ashley’s premature manifestation of her mutant powers has Professor Xavier puzzled. He is also worried that Ashley could abuse her manipulative powers. Ashley complains about having a headache and Xavier assures Mrs Martin (through telepathy, which doesn’t sit well with her) that he did not cause any brain damage to Ashley.

In the Himalayas, the X-Men battle the Yeti. Magnetrix finds Havok in the abandoned temple. As the battle rages on with the Yeti, it is suddenly turned into stone. The Inhumans make their appearance. The X-Men know them as “The First Line” who disappeared without a trace. They learn that most of “The First Line” had perished saving the world from an attack on the human race. The Inhumans did not want the whole world to panic knowing that their line of defence from extra-terrestrial invasions was gone and thus kept their secret.

The X-Men return to the Institute after their encounter with the Inhumans. And they come face-to-face with the intruder, Kraven the Hunter who insist they become prey for his hunt in exchange for Avia’s life.

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