Classic X-Men #14: What Stuff Our Dreams are Made of...

Princess Lilandra “always hated the political intrigue” of the royal court. She chose instead to lead a life of exploration. Her life changed when she discovered the M’Krann Crystal. The crystal will give her brother, Emperor D’Ken limitless power to conquer the universe. Lilandra refuses to let D’Ken obtain the crystal. He has her arrested and commands her allegiance to him or be executed.

Lilandra’s “Elite Exploratory Fleet” the “Pathfinders”, attacks D’Ken’s ship where Lilandra is held captive. The distraction allows her to escape on one of the ship’s shuttles.

While Lilandra returns to her fleet, she hears someone calling out to her. Suddenly, she is blinded by pain and her mind is bombarded by “an incomprehensible avalanche of images--thoughts, emotions, memories--the totality of a being, past and present, whose race she’s never seen, from a world she doesn’t know, yet who, even in that first terrible moment, seems achingly, comfortingly familiar”. But instead of fighting it, she “welcome[s]” the sensation.

Some time later, she awakens from the ordeal. But she is left confused by all the human thoughts in her mind. She even has difficulty remembering who she is. Her psyche is gradually overwhelmed by that of the human man she connected with: she feels his pain and disability. In her reflection, she sees a man: Charles Xavier. She is instantly drawn to him for reasons she cannot explain.

Not knowing how long she was unconscious, Lilandra attempts to contact the Pathfinders, only to find that they had perished alongside the Imperial Guards while trying to save her. Without the Pathfinders, she has little hope of “opposing [her] brother”. She thinks that Xavier and the X-Men may be her last hope, and she sets a course for Earth.

(Classic X-Men #14 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #107. This is the bonus story included with the reprint.)