Classic X-Men #20: Mother of the Bride

The X-Men are in attendance at Ororo’s wedding. Suddenly, the groom and everyone else turn into zombies and chase after her. She manages to flee the church.

Storm awakens from her nightmare in a wooden shack. She does not remember how she injured her arm. The door of the shack is torn down by a disfigured man called Jack. Storm slowly remembers the events that led up to this situation she finds herself in.

Ororo was on vacation when she met Alice Norton at the hotel. Alice had come to the island where Twelvetrees Chemicals is located. Her husband, assumed dead, worked for the company for the past three years but never once let Alice visit him at work. The company “paid for a trip here for [Alice]” on top of her insurance payout, but did not allow Alice to see her husband’s body. This upset Alice greatly.

Ororo wanted to help Alice get some closure, and scheduled a meeting with Richard Twelvetrees, the owner of the company. Their meeting is disrupted by a disfigured man whom Richard did not intend to been seen by visitors. Ororo recognised the man as Jack Norton, Alice’s husband. When Richard realises Ororo knows the truth about Jack, he orders Jack to kill her.

Storm escapes Twelvetrees Chemicals and hides in a wooden shack, where she ultimately collapsed from exhaustion. It is after she awoken that Jack tracks her down. She finds herself surrounded by many more employees who had been affected by the chemicals. In an act of “mercy”, she euthanises them.

(Classic X-Men #20 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #117. This is the bonus story included with the reprint.)