Classic X-Men #28: Who Am I?

Jean invites the X-Men to a masked Halloween party. The X-Men are to arrive dressed-up and separately. The challenge would be to see if they can recognise each other. Nightcrawler, dressed as the devil, and moves around the party trying to find his fellow X-Men. He talks to one guest and learns about the guest’s friend, Tiffany and her wife-beater husband. And that Tiffany’s husband might take advantage of the masquerade to inflict harm on Tiffany, disguised as a ghost.

Scott, disquised as a harlequin, is seduced by a harlem girl. Scott is conflicted as to whether she is Jean as he follows her upstairs. They steal a kiss in seclusion, but are interrupted by a screeching sound. A clown, presumably Tiffany’s husband, had stabbed the Tiffany dummy thinking he had killed his wife. The X-Men reveal themselves one by one and corner the clown. The clown takes another guest, a witch, hostage. Tiffany reveals herself: it was a ploy to catch him. The X-Men take hold of him quickly. Jean disarms the clown’s knife with her telekinesis. The harlem girl reveals herself to be Jean. They question each other if they really know the other person, foreshadowing the dark turn of events that is soon to take place.

(Classic X-Men #28 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #122. This is the bonus story included with the reprint.)