Classic X-Men #33: So Good It Hurts

Havok is driving with Polaris when the jeep veers into a ditch. Havok had been distracted by his thoughts of him crashing the vehicle. Lately, being around Polaris makes him feel like he is in a “particle accelerator, like [they’re] rushing towards something, and the smash is inevitable”.

Not wanting to get sidetracked from their “surveillance mission” Polaris frees the jeep from the ditch. To ease his mind, she takes him on an impromptu flight, where he once again succumbs to his illusions of crashing.

When he comes to, Havok finally understands why he feels this way. He had been “resenting the danger that being X-Men puts [them] in”. And “only since [he] began realising how much [he] loves her” that he fears losing Polaris in the violence. He wants to start a family with her, and not lose her or their relationship because of being X-Men.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by “black clouds” in the distance. They race toward the battle, as does the rest of the X-Men. By the time they arrive, the battle is over. Storm, Wolverine and Nightcrawler appear unharmed, but are traumatised.

(Classic X-Men #33 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #127. This is the bonus story included with the reprint.)