Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #1: X-Men

At a private school in Westchester county, New York, Professor Xavier telepathically calls out to his students, the X-Men, to assemble for class. A day’s worth of training ends up in a session of “rough hous[ing]” for the four male members of the X-Men. Suddenly, Xavier is alerted to the arrival of the newest member of the school. He dismisses the class, and the students immediately turn their attention to their newest school mate, whom they quickly and excitedly identify as a girl.

Xavier introduces the girl, Jean Grey, to her fellow students: Hank McCoy (the Beast), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Warren Worthington III (Angel). Jean had also been assigned the codename, Marvel Girl. While the boys gather around Jean to ogle, Scott brings a chair for her. Jean is quick to display her telekinetic powers by dragging the chair towards her with her mind. Jean further demonstrates her telekinesis by lifting books, as well as Hank when he tries to kiss her.

At the same time, Magneto starts his attack on the government near Cape Citadel and in just over a day, he takes over the military base.

The day following Magneto’s initial attack, the X-Men are assembled to stop Magneto. They spring into action as soon as they arrive at the base. Cyclops gets knocked out while straining himself trying to penetrate Magneto’s magnetic forcefield. Sensing he is under attack, Magneto launches heat-seeking missiles at the X-Men. The four remaining X-Men effortlessly destroy the missiles.

Angel finds Magneto, but when alerting his team mates, his flight is disrupted by a junk pile of metal magnetically controlled by Magneto. Cyclops comes to and blasts Angel free of the junk. Magneto launches a flaming tank of rocket fuel at the X-Men. Iceman throws up an ice shield over them, protecting them from the blast.

Magneto retreats and the X-Men are thanked for saving the day.

(X-Men: The Early Years #1 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #1.)