Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #2: No One Can Stop the Vanisher

The X-Men are in town when they are summoned by Professor Xavier to return to the school. The Beast makes haste to catch the train to Westchester. Angel finds himself tackled by a horde of swooning teenage girls. Marvel Girl telekinetically frees Angel of the girls and they fly off to the school. Meanwhile, Cyclops stops a wall from collapsing onto workers at a construction site. Then he and Iceman pay an ice cream truck driver for a ride to the school.

Xavier had been tracking the criminal doings of a mutant known as the Vanisher and the X-Men are to stop him. Iceman decides to pull a prank on his fellow X-Men with ice pellets. They are quickly reprimanded by Xavier, who states that they need more specialised training in order to defeat the Vanisher. The X-Men are introduced to the Danger Room.

The Vanisher strikes again, making it known to the Pentagon that he intends to steal important defence documents from them in a few days. Meanwhile, his infamy has the population of the underworld flocking to him.

Back in the Danger Room, Marvel Girl’s telekinetic powers are strained. Cyclops comes to her aid and Iceman pokes fun at his chivalry. At that time, Xavier maintains telepathic contact with Agent Duncan. The FBI have been anticipating the Vanisher’s attack. Xavier sends the X-Men off to Washington D.C.

The Vanisher makes his planned attack and quickly defeats the X-Men, making a mockery out of them. Xavier takes some time to study the Vanisher’s ability.

The next day, the X-Men confront the Vanisher and his thugs at the White House. This time, Xavier joins his X-Men, and with his mind, wipes the Vanisher’s memory. He is unable to remember who he is or how to use his ability. The X-Men defeat the thugs and save the day without having the military to step in.

(X-Men: The Early Years #2 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #2.)