Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #3: Beware of the Blob

Cyclops is having his training session in the Danger Room when Beast, Iceman and Angel decide to start goofing off with the practice bags during their free time. Xavier quickly silences the crowd and turns his attention to Marvel Girl’s training. Suddenly, Xavier detects the presence of another mutant and sends his students off in civilian clothing to find the mutant.

While Hank and Bobby are eager to be paired up with Jean on the search, Jean chooses to go with Scott instead, until Warren snatches Jean away in his car. The rest of the X-Men continue their search on foot, until Scott finally comes across the Blob, the mutant Xavier had been monitoring. After watching a demonstration of the Blob’s ability, Scott confronts him in his circus wagon after the show.

Scott loses his cool and attacks the Blob when he not only refuses to go with him to see the X-Men but also tries to grab Jean. It is Jean who manages to convince the Blob to pay the X-Men a visit. Xavier offers the Blob to join the X-Men, but the Blob turns down the offer, citing he’s better than the X-Men put together and he wouldn’t be bossed around by the likes of the professor. He storms out before Xavier can wipe his memory clean of his encounter with the X-Men.

Back at the circus, the Blob rallies all the employees to launch an attack on the X-Men. The X-Men put up a fight put are eventually outnumbered and captured. The Blob targets Xavier next as Xavier telepathically instructs Marvel Girl to use her telekinesis to free herself and the other X-Men.

The enemies are surprised by the X-Men’s attack and promptly retreat, not before Xavier manages to wipe their memory clean of the X-Men. The circus people return to their former lives but Xavier is suspicious of the Blob’s mutant brain being able to restore his memory someday.

(X-Men: The Early Years #3 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #3.)