Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #4: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

After the Beast, Iceman and Angel’s training session, Xavier reveals a surprise for his students. A year has passed since their class began and he intended to have a little celebration with some cake.

Meanwhile, Magneto plans another attack and steals a freighter. On one of Angel’s routine test flights, he spots the very deserted freighter moving at high speeds in the water. He reports his findings to Xavier, who has suspicions.

The next day, it is headlined that Santo Marco had been attacked by a lone naval vessel. Xavier immediately deduces that Magneto is behind the attack. Xavier confronts Magneto on the Astral Plane and learns of Magneto’s plans. They arrive in Santo Marco just as Magneto had begun taking the island under siege. Xavier senses the presence of mutants other than Magneto and cautions his X-Men.

Hank is the first to attack Magneto’s fortress by scaling one of the towers. Angel follows by attacking the other side of the fortress but he is ambushed the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and quickly apprehended. Meanwhile, Cyclops manages to penetrate further into the building. He finds Angel but collapses from the strain. Iceman arrives minutes later to help his team mates. They are reunited with Beast and Marvel Girl. They are attacked by fire in a corridor, but Xavier wheels through the fire to let them know it is only an illusion.

They race towards the last unsearched tower where Magneto would be hiding, not suspecting a trap. Xavier uses his own body to shield his X-Men from the booby-trapped door and is injured in the process. Magneto activates a nuclear bomb and escapes with the Brotherhood. But is is Quicksilver who defuses the bomb and saves the X-Men.

As a consequence, the X-Men’s leader is rendered powerless, leaving the X-Men to fend for themselves.

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(X-Men: The Early Years #4 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #4.)