Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #11: The Triumph of Magneto

The X-Men are called to an emergency assembly. Xavier had discovered what could possibly be a super-powered being. Iceman still manages to find the time to play pranks on Beast and is promptly reprimanded for his actions.

Meanwhile, the “Stranger” has made himself a home in New York City in order to investigate the people of this world. He walks right into Magneto. Magneto tries to recruit the “Stranger” but he violently resists and is unharmed by anything the Brotherhood can throw at him. He turns Mastermind into stone.

At the same time, the X-Men are out searching for any clues leading to the “Stranger”. Scott gets a lead from a couple of police officers. But Scott’s blasts are accidentally unleashed when the officers remove his glasses. Beast appears to haul Scott out of his situation. They rejoin Iceman and Marvel Girl. Scott reports his findings.

Angel finds Magneto’s hideout, with Iceman and Beast trailing shortly. They battle the Brotherhood. Suddenly, the “Stranger” disappears in a “cone of energy”. Magneto and Toad follow the “Stranger” into the cone and vanish as well. Scott and Marvel Girl finally make their way up into the building where the fight took place. After helping to defrost Quicksilver, Scott tries to recruit him and Scarlet Witch to help the X-Men defeat the “Stranger” (should he join forces with Magneto), but the siblings refuse to be part of anymore conflicts and they leave.

Off in the woods, the “Stranger’s” “cone of energy” finally stops. Magneto is adamant about persuading the “Stranger” to join him. Angered, the “Stranger” wraps Magneto and Toad in a mysterious substance.

The X-Men return to the Institute with the stone Mastermind. Deeming the “Stranger” dangerous, Xavier accompanies the X-Men in the search for the “Stranger”. They find Magneto and Toad, who are taken into space by the “Stranger” as specimens for his study, never to return.

The X-Men are left speechless, but retreat quickly when the police come running in their direction.

Back at the Institute, Xavier removes Magneto, Toad and Mastermind from their list of dangerous mutants to monitor. Suddenly, Cerebro sounds to alert Xavier of a new mutant presence.

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(X-Men: The Early Years #11 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #11.)