Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #17: ...And None Shall Survive!

The X-Men are being treated for injuries. Xavier has Iceman, Beast and Cyclops sent to the hospital. The army arrives to take care of the remains of the fortress and the Sentinels within.

At the hospital, Xavier visits Iceman first, who’s condition is the most critical. Given Iceman&8217;s “mutant nature”, the doctor is unable to make an “accurate diagnosis” of the extent of Iceman’s injuries. Beast on the other hand has only sustained fractures in his bones.

In the waiting area, Angel flies anxiously around the room. He is calling the answering machine at the Institute to find out if any messages where left. He is flustered when he learns that his worried parents are going to pay the Institute a visit. Xavier immediately calls the Worthingtons and tries to dissuade them from visiting the Institute but the Worthingtons are insistent on their visit. Feeling uneasy about the situation, Xavier has Angel fly to the Institute to scout for danger. Sure enough, he finds a presence.

Back at the hospital, Cyclops refuses to let the doctor examine his eyes. Xavier arrives just in time to convince the doctor of the dangers if Cyclops’ visor was removed. After that, Xavier has Cyclops wheel him out into the gardens. Xavier tells Cyclops that he has lost mental contact with Angel who had returned to the Institute. Since Iceman needs medical treatment, Xavier would like Beast and Marvel Girl to stay behind and protect Iceman while he and Cyclops return to the Institute. They leave at once.

Arriving at the Institute, they find no sign of Angel. While shutting Cerebro’s alarm off, Xavier is attacked by Cerebro, rendering Xavier helpless. Cyclops rushes to save Xavier but is stopped by an invisible barrier which reflects his blasts. The room then plunges into darkness and Cyclops is knocked unconscious by the intruder.

In Beast’s hospital ward, Marvel Girl finds her team mate jumping around. Marvel Girl telekinetically stops Beast so she can get him to listen to her. She is worried that Xavier, Cyclops and Angel have left, and there hasn’t been any word from them. Trusting that the hospital will take care of Iceman, Marvel Girl and Beast race back to the Institute and fall into the intruder’s trap.

Back at the hospital, Iceman’s condition has taken a turn for the worst. The doctor risks prescribing a new treatment for Iceman.

Back at the Institute, the intruder has Xavier and his X-Men trapped within a metal sphere and released into the sky with the aid of a huge balloon. Shortly after, the Worthingtons arrive at the Institute, only to be greeted by the intruder, who reveals himself to be Magneto.

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(X-Men: The Early Years #17 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #17 and #18.)