Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #22: Divided...We Fall!

Since the X-Men’s “most crucial missions of late have involved robot menaces”, Xavier has created Colosso, a giant robot, for the X-Men to train against.

The X-Men are given five minutes to defeat Colosso. The impetuous Angel is the first to launch an assault, but is quickly knocked out by Colosso. Iceman freezes the ground on which Colosso is standing on, using the tactic that previously defeated the Sentinels. Marvel Girl tries to topple Colosso with her telekinesis, but she “[hasn’t] enough mental energy” to do so. Colosso surprises the X-Men by melting the frost on the floor. Cyclops blasts Colosso but it ricochets off the robot and almost strikes Beast.

As the X-Men teams up against Colosso, Cyclops tries to figure out how to defeat the robot. The X-Men “disperse” in all directions when Colosso lunges at them. Cyclops and Marvel Girl end up being captured by Colosso. Cyclops notices that “the lights on its head glowed more brightly as he reached out for [them]”. He deduces that the lights enabled the robot to “[see]” them, and has Marvel Girl levitate Xavier’s blanket over the robot to cover its head. Colosso is disoriented and drops Cyclops and Marvel Girl. Beast and Iceman work together to make sure Colosso cannot remove the blanket. The team then proceed to topple the robot with all their might. Xavier is impressed with the X-Men’s progress and grants them a two week vacation to make up for the holiday that was interrupted by the Mimic.

Bobby and Hank are excited to see their lady friends again. Warren offers to take Jean to dinner before she leaves to “visit [her] sister in Albany”. Scott distances himself from socialising with the group and Xavier worries about Scott’s grimness. It turns out that Scott is jealous of Warren’s pursuit of Jean, whom he is secretly in love with. When Jean invites Scott along to dinner with her and Warren, Scott jumps at the chance “to spend even a few more minutes near the one [he] loves”. Warren is not excited about Jean’s last-minute guest.

Xavier enviously watches his students depart, and resigns to his fate: a cripple in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile Count Neferia prepares to strike. He had gone into hiding since being defeated by Ironman. He has plans to recruit the X-Men.

Bobby and Hank are in Greenwich Village. They meet up with their dates Zelda and Vera. Further uptown, Warren, Jean and Scott are enjoying dinner. Ever the gentleman, Warren pays for dinner (including Scott’s), gets Jean’s coat and drives her to the train station. He offers to give Scott a lift but Scott does not want to impose. The three friends get lost in their own thoughts.

Warren: (Thoughts.) Jean’s so quiet...so pensive! Maybe she’s finally beginning to feel about bme the way I do about her!
Jean: (Thoughts.) Oh, Scott...Scott...Warren is a wonderful guy--but when will you see that it'’s you whom I love?
Scott: (Thoughts.) Why must I, of all the X-Men, be the only one whose mutant power makes him a potential threat to all whom he meets?

As Scott walks through Central Park, he sees Marvel Girl “levitating over the trees”. Curious as what she is up to, Scott follows her. Meanwhile, the real Jean is at Grand Central Station when she hears the news of a “flying” X-Man in Central Park. As Warren is the only other X-Man besides her who can fly, Jean also heads to the park to investigate the mysterious sighting of Angel. She is ambushed and captured by Plantman.

Cyclops loses sight of the fake Marvel Girl. Just then, he sees Angel fly overhead. The real Warren is in his car when he hears the radio reporting of the sighting in Central Park. Suspicious, Warren parks his car and flies off to investigate. He sees the imposter Angel and approaches him. But the imposter disappears and Angel is captured by the Scarecrow.

Bobby and Hank are hanging out at Zelda’s apartment with the girls. When Bobby turns the radio on, the news reports of the sighting of X-Men in the park. Hank excuses himself from the group, saying he is tired and is going back to his hotel. In actuality, Hank heads out to investigate. He encounters the Porcupine and is captured.

After some time has passed, Bobby gets worried about Hank and goes to check on him at their hotel room. But Hank is not at the hotel. Bobby decides to watch the news to learn where Hank went. Instead, he learns that an imposter Iceman has been running around Central Park. Bobby rushes out to confront his imposter. He is lured to the lake by the Eel.

Iceman finds himself outmatched by the Eel. But the Eel is caught off guard by a blast from Cyclops. Cyclops tells Iceman that he has been seeing Marvel Girl and Angel, and suspects something fishy is going on. The Unicorn shows up. Cyclops finds that his optic blasts cannot penetrate the Unicorn’s energy shield. Iceman tries to freeze the Unicorn’s “power horn” but the helmet’s “thermal units” melt the ice. Iceman is electrically jolted by the Eel. Cyclops chases the Eel off but makes the mistake of turning his back on the Unicorn. Cyclops and Iceman are finally captured.

The X-Men are put on a cargo ship and delivered to Count Neferia. They refuse Count Neferia’s offer of alliance. Determined that the X-Men will join him, Count Neferia reveals his plan to “steal” Washington D.C.

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