Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #40: The Mark of the Monster

Cyclops, Beast, Angel and Iceman are training in the Danger Room when they are summoned to Xavier’s Study. Marvel Girl meets them in the hallway and they join Xavier in his study.

Xavier briefs them of creature, resembling Frankenstein’s monster, unearthed “near the Arctic Circle”. The excavation was funded by the City Museum of New York.

Xavier recalls the novel’s ending where Frankenstein’s monster was lost in the “Arctic regions”. He had always believed the monster existed, and suspected that it was a “super-powerful android”. Furthermore, he suspects that “Dr Frankenstein” might have been a mutant “possessing a highly advanced brain”.

At the museum, Dr Powell, who had led the excavation, is not waiting for the government’s permission to commence his examination of the creature. Meanwhile, Xavier and his students have arrived at the museum, hoping to gain entry to check out the creature. The security guard stops them for the museum is closed to prepare for “new exhibits”. Adamant that they get in, Xavier has no choice but have Jean knock the guard out. Suddenly, strange and loud noises are heard coming from the museum. The X-Men quickly change into their costumes to investigate.

The monster comes alive and tears apart the museum as he emerges. The X-Men try in vain to stop it. The curator of the museum, upon hearing the noises, calls the police, fearing that vandals are destroying the building.

After defeating the X-Men, the monster leaves. The fallen X-Men are accused by the curator of destroying the museum. Iceman freezes the curator lightly, allowing the X-Men to escape apprehension from the police. Eyewitnesses recall seeing an “eight feet tall” monster destroying the museum.

Angel tracks the monster to the docks. The X-Men arrive on a freighter at sea via helicopter. Xavier uses his “mental abilities to hold the crew immobile” while the X-Men search the ship for the monster. With a solid team effort, Xavier and his X-Men finally destroy the monster. Before the monster was obliterated, Xavier managed to “probe” its mind and he learned that an alien race had created the creature as an ambassador to Earth but it malfunctioned and wrecked havoc. The aliens left the creature frozen in the depths of the Arctic. The monster when revived, seeking vengeance on his creators, sought to destroy the X-Men as their colourful costumes resembled that of the aliens.