Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #43: The Torch is Passed...!

Xavier’s memorial service is held on a rainy day. The X-Men are grieving for their departed mentor. Jean breaks down crying and Scott consoles her with a hug.

Suddenly, Quicksilver appears at the cemetary. He had only wanted to attend the funeral on “impulse”. The X-Men spot their former nemesis and approach him. Thinking the X-Men are going to attack, Quicksilver takes off in a flash. But Scott had merely wanted to “hear what he came to say”.

Reverend Brown chastises the X-Men for running off in the middle of the service. Scott is relieved that Reverend Brown was not present during their exchange with Quicksilver or they would have been exposed as mutants.

After the service ends, the X-Men make their way back to the Institute. Unbeknownst to them, Magneto had been spying on them, and is planning their destruction. Magneto is also outraged that Quicksilver went to Xavier’s funeral without seeking his permission, and sees it as potential betrayal.

Cyclops reveals to the team that Xavier left him instructions should he pass. By pressing a secret button, a hidden room is revealed. A projector turns on and plays a pre-recorded message from Xavier.

In the video, Xavier explains to the X-Men that he had known he was dying for some time but had kept his illness a secret while putting the X-Men through the “final stages” of their training. He had also helped train Marvel Girl’s telepathy so she was strong enough to use her yet untapped abilities. Xavier also warns the X-Men of an impending attack from Magneto after his death.

On an island in the Atlantic, Magneto prepares his attack. Quicksilver returns to rejoin the Brotherhood, to the joy of his sister Scarlet Witch. Magneto and Quicksilver start to argue over Quicksilver’s attendance of Xavier’s funeral, and Magneto’s failure to find a cure for Scarlet Witch. Magneto wants to test Quicksilver’s loyalty to him by giving him a mission. Scarlet Witch wants her brother to help them escape from Magneto.

A few days later, Magneto attempts to capture a cargo ship delivering a high-tech computer. Unfortunately for Magneto, the X-Men have known about this and are on board the ship. Magneto is taken by surprise when he sees the X-Men infiltrating his base.

But Magneto has booby-trapped his base and soon the X-Men are captured.

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