Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #46: The End of the X-Men!

After defeating Magneto, the X-Men return to the grave of Xavier to pay their respects. They are unsure as how to carry on without the guidance of their mentor. Scott is stressed out now that “the responsibility of keeping the X-Men together falls on [his] shoulders”.

Suddenly, the silence is interrupted by Agent Duncan, Xavier’s friend in the FBI. In the past, Duncan had helped Xavier with recruiting Scott into the X-Men (and out of the clutches of an evil mutant, Jack O’Diamonds). Duncan wants to talk with the X-Men in private. Scott brings him back to the Institute.

At the Institute, the X-Men are also paid a visit by Foggy Nelson, who was scheduled to read Xavier’s will. Xavier had bequeathed his estate and scientific equipment to the X-Men with Scott to act as trustee of the school. His wealth and assets were to go into a fund, administered by Scott to benefit more mutants. The rest of his personal property were to be divided amongst his students, or be donated to charity.

As the X-Men see Nelson off, the Juggernaut awakens in the laboratory beneath the Institute. He had been trapped in the “crimson cosmos”. The X-Men quickly change into their costumes and head down to investigate the commotion. The Juggernaut intends to continue seeking his revenge on Xavier. The X-Men tell him that Xavier is dead. He refuses to believe that and thinks the X-Men are tricking him. The Juggernaut starts attacking the X-Men.

The Juggernaut overpowers the X-Men and barge his way out of the Institute. He attacks Duncan who stood in his way. The X-Men quickly recover and pursue the Juggernaut outside. They continue to battle the Juggernaut, who is still too powerful for them to handle. Marvel Girl tries to stun the Juggernaut with a “mental bolt” but that only aggravates him. He manages to hold Angel hostage. As the X-Men gather to help their team mate, the Juggernaut glows pink and disappears again, “just like when the Professor sent him into the crimson cosmos”. Without ongoing treatment from Xavier, the Juggernaut would not be able to escape the crimson cosmos permanently.

With the Juggernaut taken care off, Duncan can resume his talk with the X-Men. He had come to advise the X-Men to “split up”. Without the guidance of Xavier, they had become “too easy a target...for the ever-growing population of evil mutants”. But Duncan had another reason for encouraging the split. With the X-Men spread out, they could “fight evil mutants more effectively”.

As deputy leader, Cyclops takes Duncan’s advice into serious consideration, and disbands the X-Men. It is a sad day when the team mates and lifelong friends bid farewell.

Jean: (Thoughts.) Not only am I losing the family I’ve known for these past years...This also means I may very well lose the man I love!

As Scott stands on the porch watching all his friends depart, he gazes longingly at Jean in silence. The split had come at a personal cost for both of them, and they wonder what will happen to their relationship. But Scott and Jean are afraid to speak up.

Scott: (Thoughts.) Am I actually going to stand here and let the only girl I’ll ever love walk out of my life?
Jean: (Thoughts.) He...he isn’t going to come after me! Maybe he doesn’t care after all! I don’t know for sure...and if we’re sent to different parts of the world, perhaps I’ll never find out!