Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #48: Beware Computo, Commander of the Robot Hive!

Jean takes up a job as a model so she has an excuse for her parents to remain in New York City. She and Scott are remaining in New York, Hank and Bobby have moved to California, and Warren travels between both coasts.

The co-owner of the modelling agency is enamoured with Jean, and only uses her in the photoshoot. He also tries to make a move on Jean when Scott appears on set. Scott makes a big deal about the co-owner flirting with Jean and punches him in the face. The other models swoon over Scott, and Jean has to pull Scott away from them.

This is all for show, with Jean being a “smalltown girl with a big job” and Scott acting the part of her “jealous boy friend”. Scott himself has landed a job as a radio reporter in New York City. After Jean’s shift, she leaves the studio on Scott’s arm on the way to his radio studio. She is amazed at the new radio technology of “tape recording” when she hears Scott reporting over the radio and he is outside the studio.

Scott’s reporter job keeps him informed of the news as it happens, and helps in their “undercover” work. He watches as the new transmitter for the studio arrives. But at the same time, Computo is planning to steal the transmitter, and sends his robot minions to do the job.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl immediately leap into action. They are outnumbered three to two but with teamwork they stop the robots from stealing the transmitter. One of the robots escape. Marvel Girl gets “a clear mind-print” of the robot and they track it to a construction site.

Cyclops blasts through a sandpile and they come across a network of tunnels leading underground. The tunnels bring them to Computo’s lair. Computo sends an army of robots against Cyclops and Marvel Girl to protect itself. While Marvel Girl telekinetically deals with the robots, Cyclops finds a good spot to angle his optic blasts at Computo. He successfully destroys Computo, and draws out the true mastermind behind the plan, Quasimodo.

But Quasimodo has a well-planned escape, and he evades Cyclops and Marvel Girl. Quasimodo floods the tunnels. Cyclops and Marvel Girl get out in time, and Cyclops seals the tunnels to prevent the floodwater from escaping.