Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #50: City of Mutants

Mesmero captures Lorna and Iceman and brings them back to his lair. With the aid of machinery, Mesmero awakens Lorna’s powers of magnetism.

Meanwhile, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel reach “Mesmero’s city hideout”. They barge in and battle the mutant squad. Suddenly, Marvel Girl receives a “telepathic distress call” from Iceman from another location where they are now captive. The X-Men have walked into a trap and find themselves also captured by Mesmero.

Lorna’s transformation is complete. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel are brought to Mesmero just in time to witness him proclaiming her “daughter of Magneto--and Queen of Mutants”. Iceman breaks free of his restraints.

Mesmero commands Lorna to use her powers to destroy the X-Men. But she is still weak and collapses soon after unleashing a powerful magnetic blast. Angel catches her as she falls. The X-Men charge at Mesmero.

Suddenly, the X-Men are attacked by another magnetic blast. Magneto has returned, and he recognises Lorna as his daughter.

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