Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #53: The Rage of Blastaar!

Blastaar travels the universe in search of “the lifeblood of combat”.

Meanwhile, Marvel Girl is training to use Cerebro. Cyclops and Beast monitor her progress. She assures them nothing bad will happen, but she is bombarded with unexpected bursts of energy. She is mentally overloaded and is thrown off her feet. Cyclops rushes to her side.

Beast examines Cerebro and finds it drawing power and overloading itself. Blastaar has made use of Cerebro to transport himself to Earth. He quickly knocks Beast unconcious with one blow. Balastaar turns his attention to Cyclops and Marvel Girl. She calls out to Angel and Iceman for help.

Angel is no match for Blastaar’s sheer strength. Cyclops tries a different approach by blasting the ground to knock Balastaar off his feet. Marvel Girl and Iceman tend to an unconscious Beast. After reviving Beast, Iceman and Marvel Girl head back to help Cyclops. Marvel Girl has an idea how to deal with Blastaar.

Marvel Girl gets Iceman to sculpt an army of ice men. Cyclops maximises his optic blasts to stun Blastaar as Marvel Girl manouvers the ice men to attack Blastaar. Blastaar shatters and melts the ice men, and is boastful of his victory.

Little does he know that the melted ice is conducting the residue electric “wild energy” from Cerebro, and it sends Blastaar back from whence he came.