Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #97: My Brother, My Enemy!

Lately, Professor Xavier has been having recurring nightmares of alien beings from space, foreshadowing the events soon to follow.

Meanwhile, Moira MacTaggert, an old friend of Xavier’s moved into the Institute to help Xavier manage his new X-Men team.

Out in Rio Diablo, Alex and Lorna live in seclusion on the range researching for their doctorate thesis. The two grow closer. One day, Alex leaves in the morning to research rock structures. Lorna then receives a mysterious guest, who takes Lorna out. When Alex hurries back after hearing Lorna’s distress, he discovers that Lorna has been possessed. Lorna promptly takes Alex out and prepares to assassinate Xavier.

Three days later, the X-Men, as well as Jean, have come to see Xavier off at the airport for his vacation. Suddenly, Alex and Lorna appear in costume and start attacking the X-Men. They then give chase after Xavier’s private jet that is taking off. Eric the Red appears, declaring that he is the controller of the two mutants.

The X-Men fight Eric the Red, Alex and Lorna, causing much destruction at the airport and to two 747 airplanes. Eric the Red, Alex and Lorna retreat. The scene pulls out and the X-Men are unsuspectingly being watched by someone else.

(Classic X-Men #5 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #97.)