Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #101: Like a Phoenix, From the Ashes

The space shuttle, Starcore Eagle, crashes into the Kennedy Airport runway and finally lands in the Jamaica Bay. Everyone in the shuttle escapes from the sinking craft, except for Jean. As Cyclops prepares to dive back into the water to find her, she emerges, calling herself “Phoenix”.

Xavier devices a plan to enable the X-Men to escape undetected. Dr Corbeau stays behind to give the media a story, that he was the only survivor and his entire crew was “murdered” by “terrorists”. Xavier telepathically cloaks their escape, and with the aid of Storm’s abilities, a cover of smoke.

Storm returns to the mansion and retrieves a change of clothing for each X-Men. They hurriedly get Jean to the hospital. On the way, they learn more about Jean’s mysteriously enhanced powers, including the ability to “[reorganise]...molecular structures” when she changes out of her “Phoenix” costume to civilian garb even while unconscious.

At the hospital, the X-Men anxiously await while doctors Corbeau and McKay examine Jean. The doctors’ verdict is that Jean shall recover. The X-Men rejoice, and Scott is reduced to tears of relief and slips away quietly to Jean’s bedside. Xavier then stuns the X-Men, sending them on an “enforced vacation” as him and Scott can’t run the X-Men and take care of Jean at the same time. Sean offers to take the X-Men to visit his “ancestral home”, Cassidy Keep, which he is to inherit.

Arriving at Cassidy Keep, little do Sean and the X-Men know that it is a trap set by Sean’s cousin, Black Tom. As the X-Men get dressed for a formal dinner, Sean is occupied by the steward’s strange behaviour, having known the man growing up. As they make their way to dinner, they fall into a trap door, and are greeted by Black Tom and the Juggernaut.

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(Classic X-Men #9 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #101.)