Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #109: Home are the Heroes!

The X-Men return home, and Lilandra is invited to stay with them during her period of exile. Most of them wander off to their comfort zones in the mansion. Scott and Jean are left to entertain Jean’s parents who are visiting. But her worried parents wish to speak to Jean alone, fearing that Jean has changed since she became Phoenix. Their sentiments are shared with Scott as well, and he wants to know what Jean knows about Corsair, who seems so familiar to him.

Meanwhile, Lilandra is exploring Earth, and finds the “primitive” objects of homo sapiens amusing. The shower startles Lilandra, and Xavier, hearing her distress brings her towels. The two share a tender moment.

Kurt makes no haste in setting up a date with his squeeze, Amanda. He seeks out Piotr to see if he would like to accompany Amanda’s friend Betsy, but Piotr already agreed to Sean and Moira’s picnic. On his way out, Kurt teleports into the living room, and runs into Scott, who is brooding and watching Jean talk to her parents in the garden. Jean’s parents are not responding well to her sudden transformation. Kurt tries to coax Scott out of worrying himself to death and try to find peace with accepting the changes that are a part of life.

Sean, Moira, Ororo and Piotr are about to leave for the picnic grounds when Wolverine shows up to tag along so he can go out hunting. While hunting, Wolverine is attacked by Weapon Alpha, who calls him “Weapon X”.

Out by the lake, Sean and Moira are cavorting in the water while Ororo and Piotr talk about being away from home. Suddenly, Wolverine is sent flying past them into a tree by Weapon Alpha. The X-Men leapt forward to assist their team mate. Weapon Alpha quickly retreats, knowing nothing of his newfound attackers.

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(Classic X-Men #16 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #109.)