Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #111: Mindgames!

After Hank McCoy left the X-Men and an experiment accident gave him his blue, furry features, he was shortly recruited by the Avengers. While he adapted to his new team, decreasing contact with his former team mates compelled Hank to seek them out. Hank tracks them all the way to Texas and finds them at a carnival.

The X-Men are showcased as circus freaks. Hank takes a walk around, trying to identify the new X-Men. Hank had sought out the X-Men after receiving a call from Lorna that Alex had been kidnapped. Hank had been unable to contact the X-Men as well, leading him suspect something was amiss.

Walking into a tent, Hank sees Jean performing in a trapeze act. When she misses her team mate, she falls to the ground, but uses her telekinesis to gently float to the ground. After the performance, Hank finds Jean in her dresser and tries to get to the bottom of her strange behaviour. Jean calls for Slim (Scott) to get rid of Hank, feeling pestered by all the questions. Slim knocks Hanks hat off, and his beast-like appearance startles the entire camp. Hank is taken out by Colossus and is brought to the ringleader, Mesmero, a mind-controller.

While Mesmero tries to gain mind-control of Hank, Wolverine somehow breaks free of Mesmero’s control over him, and tries to revive Jean and Scott by punching them in the face. He has a hunch that triggering an inner rage will free them of mind-control, which it does. The X-Men swiftly defeat Mesmero, only to find Magneto waiting for them in the shadows.

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(Classic X-Men #17 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #111.)