Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #128: The Action of the Tiger!

Proteus wrecks havoc on Edinburgh and the X-Men are powerless to stop him. Proteus desires a world that he can rule and control and his mother will never leave him.

The X-Men’s tried efforts have put themselves in precarious situations, but through teamwork they manage to rescue each other. Phoenix goes after Proteus, and for a moment it seems like she is winning but Proteus strikes back. Seizing his chance, Wolverine attacks Proteus, stunning him. Cyclops and Havok blast Proteus from both sides, giving Wolverine enough time to escape with Moira, but not for long.

Proteus takes Moira to Edinburgh Castle, but Colossus has managed to follow them there. Colossus slams Proteus into a wall and destroys his host body, exposing Proteus’ true and vulnerable form. Proteus, weak when exposed to metal, is no match for Colossus’ organic steel form and with a swift blow, Colossus destroys Proteus.

The two shadows that hang over Moira, her husband and her son are now gone, and she can start to heal.

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(Classic X-Men #34 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #128.)