Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #134: Too Late, the Heroes!

To the X-Men’s relief, Cyclops is not killed in his psychic duel with Wyngarde. He struggles to his feet. The Hellfire Club continues with their celebration.

Suddenly, Wolverine comes crashing in, throwing the Hellfire Club off-guard. Wyngarde commands his Black Queen to destroy Wolverine. While she appears to fight Wolverine, Cyclops is secretly released from his ruby quartz helmet that held back his powers telekinetically by Jean, allowing him to attack the Hellfire Club. Wyngarde’s hold on Jean is broken and she helps them to escape the Hellfire Club.

In the headquarters of the Avengers, former X-Men Beast comes across a police report of the X-Men attacking the Hellfire Club. He rushes off to help his former team.

Having learnt the tactics of their captors, the X-Men successfully defeat the Hellfire Club members one by one. A blackout caused by Wolverine disorientates the Hellfire Club. Wyngarde is cornered by Jean. Outraged at what he had done to her, Jean takes her revenge on Wyngarde and turns him into a vegetable.

With her own psychic barriers down, exposing her mind to the ultimate power of the Phoenix, Jean is troubled. Cyclops rushes to her side, but she pushes him away and takes off. The X-Men give chase. Cyclops calls for the Blackbird jet with his wristwatch controls. Worried about Jean, his single objective is to take her back to Xavier as soon as possible. But it is too late as Jean transforms into the Dark Phoenix and explodes the Blackbird with the X-Men onboard.

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(Classic X-Men #40 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #134.)