Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) Giant Size #1: First Night

Cyclops bursts into the Institute after returning from a mission. Professor Xavier probes Cyclops’ mind for a quick explanation. He finds out that the rest of the X-Men were attacked by a mysterious force while investigating the island of Krakoa. Cyclops is the only one to have escaped, with no recollection of how it happened and his powers gone.

Suddenly, Cyclops’ powers return, causing him to damage a wall. The professor fixes a new visor for Cyclops and leaves him to practice in the Danger Room while the former engages Cerebro and summons a new band of mutants to form a new X-Men team. This new team comprises of Nightcrawler from Germany, a demon-like mutant feared by his village; Wolverine, the raging mutant from Canada; the Irishman Banshee; Storm, hailed as the weather goddess from Africa; Sunfire, an old friend from Japan; the Russian man of organic steel, Colossus; and Thunderbird, the native American from Arizona.

The new X-Men have been summoned on a rescue mission, headed by Cyclops. They are to return to Krakoa to retrieve the original X-Men team. It turns out that the island itself lives off energies of other mutants. Both old and new X-Men swiftly defeat Krakoa and send it deep in space.

Returning to the mansion, the original X-Men have second thoughts about staying on the team. Havok and Polaris have plans to return to college to finish their degrees.

Upstairs, Jean shares a private moment with Cyclops. She tries to convince him to set aside work to enjoy the evening, but Cyclops insists that he needs to complete his paperwork on Krakoa. Jean leaves him to wander around the mansion grounds, reflecting on their relationship, his priorities in life and his difficulty in expressing affection.

Banshee is on the piano and Colossus the artist keeps company. Nightcrawler teleports in on them and catches them by surprise. But the tension is quickly dissolved as Nightcrawler is friendly and jovial in person, contrary to his appearance. Bobby enters the room, but quickly gets into an argument with Colossus, angered that the newcomers “waltz in” and call themselves X-Men as if they are replacing the original team. Uncomfortable with new team members, Bobby sulkily storms out. He walks into Thunderbird, and shows him the same animosity.

Outside, Jean’s thoughts are intruded upon by Wolverine, who’d been lustfully preying on her.

Up in the sky, Angel shares a bonding moment with Storm. He is glad to have another flier “to share the sky with”. Suddenly, Angel spots Wolverine making moves on Jean and flies down to toss Wolverine out of the way. Angel and Wolverine get into a fight, and Jean attempts to mediate with her telekinesis. Storm assists with some rain. Jean consoles Wolverine and offers him a welcome.

Unable to sleep, Jean seeks solace with the professor. She explains that despite her love for Scott, her attraction to Wolverine worries her. Also, her near-death experience on Krakoa reminds her that there is so much more out there in the world then just the X-Men battling villains and hiding from prejudice. Ultimately, she makes up her mind to leave the X-Men, and shares a parting hug with the professor.

(Classic X-Men #1 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) Giant Size #1.)