Giant Size X-Men #4

Cyclops is training the next generation of X-Men in the Danger Room. They include Storm, Wolverine, Thunderbird, Banshee, Colossus and Nightcrawler. Storm is pitted against Proudstar. When Thunderbird tackles and pins her down, Storm refuses to give in to submission. Fearing for Storm’s safety, Wolverine quickly breaks them up.

Later, Logan has a chat with Xavier. Xavier knows that Scott feels his leadership position is threatened by Logan, but Xavier needs Logan to “help [Scott] lead this new generation of X-Men”. Xavier hopes the two men can learn to trust each other.

Outside, Proudstar overhears Logan muse to Xavier that he’s “bent on rescuing ‘lost souls’”. Proudstar continues prowling the estate and comes across Scott talking to Jean’s psyche projection. He feels like he has let his team down with the way he performed during the training session.

Scott: “It was almost a disaster, Jean.”
Jean: Stop beating up on yourself, Scott.
Scott: “You weren’t here. If Wolverine hadn’t- -!”
Jean: Logan did what teammates do, look out for one-another. And you’re doing what leaders do, learning about your people.
Scott: “It’s just, around Wolverine especially, I feel like such a kid.”
Jean: (Kisses Scott.) Give yourself a chance, my love. You’re better at this than you’ll ever know.

Proudstar then sneaks into Logan’s room and learns a thing or two about Logan’s past from old photographs. He then makes his way up to the loft wanting to apologise to Ororo for hurting her during training.

He finds the attic empty. Xavier comes to talk to Proudstar via “a telepathic projection”. Proudstar tells Xavier that he feels responsible for not being able to save his uncle’s life, despite having mutant powers. Xavier explains that he founded the school to help mutants learn and survive. And he needs the X-Men to help him help other mutants in need.

Proudstar observes that Ororo has not decorated her space. Xavier expresses doubt that Ororo will accept his offer to stay, seeing the empty loft as a sign. Proudstar decides to gift Ororo a welcome present.