Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #144: Even in Death...

After leaving the X-Men, Scott finds employment onboard a fishing boat skippered by Lee Forrester. While he is adjusting to his new life, he still misses the X-Men and communicates with them through letters.

One night, Lee asks Scott to accompany her home to check on her dad. She had corresponded with him and something does not sit right with her.

They find Lee’s father possessed by a mutant known as D’spayre, who feeds on the pain and souls of men. He digs deep into Scott’s troubled past and starts to manipulate his memories. Especially of Jean, feeding off his grief and manipulating it such that it was he who killed her.

With the help of the swamp’s Man-Thing, whose powers are empathic and feed off others, Cyclops exuding fearlessness defeats D’spayre. He and Lee survive unscathed.

(Classic X-Men #48 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #144.)