Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #168: Professor Xavier is a Jerk!

Scott’s father, Corsair, has come back to earth to visit for Christmas. Together with Alex, father and sons are heading to Alaska to visit Scott’s grandparents. Cosair “had business to take care of” before their trip north, so Scott takes the opportunity to pay his friend, Lee Forrester, a visit.

Over dinner, Scott tells Lee about his reunion with his father, and his joy about finding out that his grandparents are still alive. But when Scott brings up the subject of their relationship, Lee tells him that “[his] world terrifies [her]” and she “could never be a part of it”. While she has feelings for him, she feels it best to remain friends.

Scott, Alex and Corsair arrive at Anchorage, Alaska. Scott’s grandparents are busy running their cargo airline business and cannot meet them at the airport. They arrange for one of their employees to meet them instead. A pilot named Madelyne Pryor, who Scott shockingly discovers to be Jean’s doppelganger.