Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #170: Dancin’ in the Dark

After Christmas, Scott remains in Alaska to work for his grandparents. Together with Madelyne, they fly cargo planes across Alaska. Soon, Scott finds himself falling for Madelyne and it scares him.

They dance the night away at a chalet. Madelyne tells Scott that the owner of the chalet owes her because she “pulled his son out of a plane crash last year”.

Madelyne is also falling for Scott and Scott is conflicted between his feelings for her and Jean.

Scott: (Thoughts.) This is crazy. I shouldn’t be here--I should have caught the first flight south the moment we met. Each time I see Madelyne, I feel the knife twist deeper into my heart.

If he was to have any future with Madelyne, Scott had to come clean to her about Jean.

Scott: “There was a woman, Jean Grey. We were in love. We planned to get married. But before we could...she died. I thought I'd put the grief, the loss--the...joy--behind me...until I met you.”
Madelyne: “Me. She’s me! I must have seemed the answer to your prayers, huh, Scott? A dream--or perhaps, a nightmare--come true.”

Madelyne is hurt by this revelation, that Scott might have feelings for her just because she looks like his lost love. But aside from her appearance, Scott seems to genuinely appreciate Madelyne for who she is as an individual as well.

Scott: (Thoughts.) Am I chasing ghosts, trying to resurrect something better left in peace? Except I care for her. I enjoy being with her. Do I ignore--Do I deny those feelings?

For now, Scott decides to try to put the past behind him and pursue Madelyne. They spend the rest of the night in each other’s company and watch the sunrise from the chalet. The glare from the sun has Madelyne reaching to grab Scott’s shades to borrow. Scott immediately stops her, and is forced to explain his mutant powers to her. Madelyne is not frightened away and decides to stay.

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