Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #199: The Spiral Path

After Cyclops’ training session, Rachel asks if she could speak with him in private. But with X-Men matters to attend to, Cyclops brushes Rachel off, telling her he’ll try to find time for her later. Cyclops does not understand why Rachel is “interested” in him. Rachel is upset that her father is having a child with another woman who is not her mother, Jean Grey.

Rachel takes off to the cemetary to pay her respects to Jean. She also visits Jean’s childhood home. The house that Rachel was born in. She envisions what happened in the past in this timeline when Jean as Dark Phoenix returns home, and John Grey refuses to acknowledge the Dark Phoenix as his daughter Jean.

Then, Rachel’s visions switches to that of her own past, a happier memory of her birth in this house. Scott expresses conflicted feelings about bringing his daughter up in a world that has become “not the nicest--or safest--time to start a new life”. Jean is more optimistic and simply wishes happiness for Rachel.

Jean: “In your eyes, baby...I see infinite possibilities. A second chance. You’re all the hope there is, young lady, promise as yet unfulfilled.”

But Rachel feels she has failed her mother in her bleak future. She picks up the “Holempathic Matrix Crystal” containing the “essence“ of Phoenix and unleashes it, becoming the Phoenix herself. Xavier is dying and Rachel wants to continue his legacy and “help new mutants or protect them” with her newfound powers. And also for “everyone to remember the Jean Grey who assumed the mantle of Phoenix to save the man, and friends, she loved more than her life”.