Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #308: Mixed Blessings

(The issue where Jean proposes to Scott on Thanksgiving morning!)

Scott and Jean are taking a morning stroll on the mansion grounds. Jean muses over a memory of them during their first years as X-Men.

Jean: “I was thinking about the very first moment of recognition between people. The instant strangers can become the closest of friends. I was thinking, Scott, of the very moment I realised...that you were the one!”

That instant was when Jean had stumbled across the Danger Room. Scott was making repairs to the equipment when Jean came in, wanting to talk to Scott. Mesmerised by her “ocean of green” eyes, Scott falls off the leader. Jean catches him in midair with her telekinesis.

Hank, with Jubilee on his back, jumps in the couple’s path and into the leaves Storm, Sean and Forge were raking. Storm is irate that she had spent three hours raking leaves, but the others just start tossing leaves at each other, frolicking in the mess. Scott picks up a football in the pile of leaves and returns it to Bobby, Remy, Rogue and Bishop.

Jean continues to muse about how the professor noticed her crushing on Scott, and distracting her from her training.

Xavier: “Apparently your attraction to Scott -- Your ‘crush’ on him, if you will, is so strong...You’re mentally reaching out to him, circumventing the failsafes I put in place. Instinctively you are trying to connect -- to share -- with another person...As is quite natural for a young woman your age.”
Jean: “But...What if I do that? I mean...What if I open my mind, my heart...and it doesn’t work out? What if I’m not strong enough to deal with all these emotions, Professor? What if he doesn’t love me back?”
Xavier: “It is called a ‘risk’ child.”

As they continue walking, their memories turn to the two of them fighting the Shi’ar Imperial Guard for the life of the Phoenix. The Phoenix had willingly held back its power in a fair duel, clinging to the “humanity” of Jean Grey that the Entity duplicated. But when the Guard took down Scott in the battle, the Phoenix unleashed the power within to protect the man she loved.

Scott: “If you’re telling me you found the strength to do that -- Through our love for one another, I’m honoured, pretty lady. But, the truth of the matter is...you -- and you alone -- are the one who did it.”

From a distance, Scott and Jean watch as the X-Men play football “like a family”. Jean’s thoughts drift to wanting to start a family of their own. Scott interjects that they already have children from the future. Jean reflects on her first unpleasant encounter with her daughter, Rachel from the future, to Scott making the tough decision to send Nathan into the future to save his son’s life.

Professor Xavier interrupts the game to announce that dinner has been served. The football is thrown into his lap, and everyone makes a rush for the ball, resulting in a slight accident. While Scott is distracted with the accident, Jean proposes to him.

Scott: “I’ll be right back Jean. The professor is --”
Jean: “Marry me.”
Scott: “Wha --?! What did you say?”
Jean: “I’m tired of waiting, Scott.”
Scott: “Waiting?! I asked you to marry me almost --”
Jean: “I wasn’t ready then. I was afraid. Afraid of what our life would be like -- What our future would be like -- If we were together.”
Scott: “And now?”
Jean: “Now I’m afraid...of what my life would be like without you.”
Scott: “Married or not...that would never happen.”
Jean: “Scott...Through if all our love has been the one constant in my life.”

Jean: “So...what do you say, Mr Summers?”
Scott: “I say ‘I love you’, Ms Grey. Today. Tomorrow. And every day for the rest of my life.”

Inside the mansion, the professor prepares a toast before the Thanksgiving feast begins. Scott and Jean arrive to announce to the entire team that they’re “getting married”. The entire X-Men family is ecstatic, and even more so, relieved that they’re finally tying the knot.