Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #359: Power Play

Jean is taken to Bragaw Medical Center where she is treated by Doctor Twoyoungmen. The doctor had been brought to Anchorage by Alpha Flight. He gives Jean a clear bill of health, saying that all the tests did not show any “trauma”. Jean finds the diagnosis hard to believe as she had suffered an “enormous psychic backlash from the psi-plane that tore through [her] mind”.

Doctor Twoyoungmen asks to speak with Scott in private. Before Scott heads out of the examination room, Jean tells him that she has lost her telepathy as a result of the attack.

Jean is reeling from the shock of losing her powers. She feels as if she has “lost one of [her] senses”, and she does not feel the same without her “psionic link” with Scott. Scott tries to comfort her the best he with his words.

Scott: “The bond between us transcends your mutant powers, Jean. You’re my wife. Even if you’ve left my mind, you could never leave my heart.”

But Jean appears inconsolable.

They remain in Alaska as Jean is recovering from her attack. She is sorry that Scott has to put aside his “big plans for the X-Men” for her.

Scott: “I have a lot of dreams Jean, and if you could read my thoughts right now -- you’d know that having you safe and sound beside me is one foremost in my mind. I’m happy to stay in Alaska for as long as it takes, longer even. I love you.”
Jean: “I always knew that before, but now that I don’t, say it...say it often.”

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