Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #493: Messiah Complex: Chapter Six

The X-Men have come under attack by the very Sentinels programmed to defend them. They suffer heavy casualties.

Previously, the X-Men were investigating the Purifiers, thinking that they have the baby and are planning to kill her. The investigation proved fruitless, and the X-Men were attacked by Reavers, mercenaries hired by the Purifiers. Mr Sinister reveals that Cable has the baby.

After a brutal battle, the X-Men are able to defeat the Sentinels. Cyclops broods while looking at a locket with a photo of him and Jean in their younger days. He meets with Wolverine. After investigating the attack, Beast concludes that the “Sentinel pilots” were “infected by the nano-sentinels Cassandra Nova created” and “turned them into human-sentinel hybrids” that turned on them. Cyclops assigns Wolverine a mission: to get the baby back from Cable, “by any means necessary”.

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