Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #544: Uncanny

A “schism” has torn the X-Men apart. Cyclops will lead a fighting team of mutants on Utopia. Wolverine is taking the children back to Westchester to start a new school.

Iceman tries to keep his spirits high as he enjoys the Danger Room one last time before he departs for Westchester.

Cyclops asks Iceman why he stayed until the very last moment. Iceman replies that it did not “feel right leaving [him] behind”.

Iceman: “You, me, Jean, Warren and Hank. We were the Beatles, Scott. Don’t you ever forget it.”
Cyclops: “I’m not exactly Mr pop culture, Bobby, but there were four Beatles.”
Iceman: “Not originally.”

Iceman tries to reminisce the past with Cyclops but Cyclops does not want to dwell on the past. He urges Iceman to take his leave. Iceman retorts that Cyclops has become “even less fun” than he used to be.

Beast returns to say goodbye one last time. Cyclops finds his friend patronising. Iceman tries to relieve the tension by throwing a snowball in Cyclops’ face as a goodbye gesture.

After the last of the Westchester team departs, Cyclops proceeds to remove the portraits of his friends and team mates who have left. This final act, he explains, gives him the “closure” he needs to move forward.