X-Men Age of Apocalypse: What If Legion Had Killed Xavier and Magneto?

In this reality, as the Watcher observes, both Charles Xavier and Magneto are killed by Legion, who had travelled back in time. Without Xavier, Apocalypse would come to rule supreme. Initially, mutants were massacred or placed in concentration camps while “non-mutant superhumans” were spared. The Savage Land provided a refuge for the rest of the mutants. Apocalypse eventually overthrew humanity and massacred the human population. Mutants and superhumans were forced to serve him or die.

Many years passed and Nathan, the son of Scott and Jean Summers, grew into a powerful telekinetic. After training one evening, the Savage Land comes under attack by Apocalypse’s army and the mutant “traitors” are killed. Only Sauron manages to get Nathan to safety. He witnesses his parents die and vows to take revenge.

In the cold depths of the Antarctic, Nathan meets a man named Logan, who was sent to find him. Months later, they arrive in New York. At a meeting with the “Allies”, Nathan learns from a disciple of Stephen Strange, Voodoo, that the “man who was destined to help stave off Apocalypse’s genocide of humanity” was “murdered by a time-traveller before he had the chance to fulfill his role”. Strange had forbade Voodoo to travel back in time to “rectify” the murder, and instead, they should destroy Apocalypse, with the help of one Nathan Summers Strange believed to be “the key”.

Steven Rogers spent months training a small “combat unit” to rise up against Apocalypse. However, he has qualms with Nathan’s ruthless ways of dealing with their enemies. Nathan exclaims that it’s that or go back in time and prevent the murder.

That next night, they prepare to attack the “stronghold of Apocalypse”. Suddenly, they’re attacked by the clones of Spiderman and Holocaust. Ben Grimm, Sauron and Colossus are killed by Holocaust. Rogers quickly urges Voodoo to transport them into Apocalypse’s chamber via a portal. As Voodoo is engaged in a fight with Dormammu, Nathan seizes the chance to take Voodoo’s “Eye of Agamotto” from the latter. The remaining resistance force make their way to “the Temple of Apocalypse” where they are greeted by the four Horsemen (Hulk, Namor, Storm and Juggernaut).

Nathan grabs Owen Reece, Molecule Man, and goes in search of Apocalypse. With Owen’s power and the Eye of Agamotto, Nathan destroys Apocalypse and assumes his armour, with the intention of travelling back in time to “set it all right”. But the gateway he had opened was to an alternate universe. Rogers, afraid Nathan would turn into the next Apocalypse, intended to take him out with a lightning bolt, but the bolt travelled through the portal and kills thousands, leaving them where they had started.