What If... (Vol 1) #31: Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk?

In this reality, Wolverine kills the Hulk, shocking the superhero community. While they mourn the death of Bruce Banner, Magneto plans to recruit Wolverine for the Brotherhood.

While out enjoying himself, Wolverine gets into a bar fight and ends up killing a civilian. But Alpha Fight refuses to help Wolverine sweep this under the rug because this killing was not a “government-sanctioned [mission]”. Wolverine will have to face the consequences in court. A cowardly Wolverine decides to flee Alpha Flight and the Canadian government.

He is captured by Magneto and forced to do his bidding. Magneto wants Wolverine to help him infiltrate the X-Men.

Wolverine approaches Xavier under the guise of seeking refuge and to train with the X-Men. Cyclops immediately distrusts the newcomer.

After training with the X-Men and seeing how the team looks out for one another, Wolverine feels slightly guilty about having to betray the X-Men to Magneto when he disables Cerebro. This act allows the Brotherhood to locate Xavier’s secret school, and they attack the following morning during the X-Men’s training session.

Lorelei places a “sonic hold” over the X-Men. But Marvel Girl is unaffected, and Magneto targets her. Seeing how Magneto intended to hurt Marvel Girl, Wolverine sees the Brotherhood’s true colours. He pushes Marvel Girl out of harm’s way. Marvel Girl seizes the opportunity to manually set off the alarm, causing Lorelei to release her hold on the men. Together with Wolverine’s help, the X-Men defeat Magneto and the Brotherhood. Wolverine wants to kill Magneto but Cyclops stops him, as an X-Man is “not a murderer”.

Unfortunately, Magneto does not share the X-Men’s code of honour. He magnetically controls Wolverine to commit suicide with his claws, before succumbing to his own injuries.