What If... (Vol 1) #37: The Beast Had Truly Become a Beast?

After training as an X-Men for years, Hank decides to leave the X-Men to pursue a career in genetics. But an accident caused him to mutate further, “and he became a Beast in visage as well as name”.

In time when “his intelligence and strong will soon conquered his self-pity”, Beast joins the Avengers. But he continues to mutate and soon becomes more beast than man. He begins to prowl the city, hunting for food.

Marvel Girl is worried for her friend and wants to confront him. Xavier cautions her not to do so as currently “humanity is so alarmed about the ‘mutant menace’”. But he gives in when he senses that Beast may kill, and when that happens the authorities will be brought in to investigate. The X-Men need to stop Beast before he kills.

Beast is losing his intelligence. He unknowingly attacks Angel when his animal instincts take over, but immediately feels guilt when he realises what he had done. Beast runs while Cyclops and Marvel Girl chase after him. Angered, Beast tosses a crate at his friends. Cyclops tries to destroy the crate without hurting his friend. But the debris ends up raining down on him and Marvel Girl, knocking them unconscious. Beast swoops in for the kill, but Xavier intervenes mentally.

Xavier draws the last vestige of Hank out from within Beast. He is saddened to see his former student reduced to such a state. Beast cries for help. The X-Men discuss the best option for Beast that does not involve confinement. Angel suggests they leave Beast under the watch of Ka-Zar in the Savage Land, where he will be able to “be free to be his natural self”.