What If... (Vol 2) #13: Professor Xavier of the X-Men Had Become...The Juggernaut?

In this reality, while Charles Xavier and his half brother Cain Marko were fighting in the Korean War, Marko seeks out a cave to “sit out” the war. Xavier, trying to dissuade him from abandoning his duties, follows Marko into the cave. They come across the “Lost Temple of Cyttorak”. As Marko reaches for the ruby, Xavier pushes him aside urging Marko to leave it be, and accidentally touches the ruby instead. Xavier transforms into the Juggernaut and is buried in the cave-in. Marko escapes, vowing to seek revenge, claiming Xavier had robbed him of the power of the ruby on purpose.

As Xavier is stuck in the cave for years, as a result, he never formed the X-Men. The Fantastic Four battles Magneto instead. The world immediately perceives mutants as being evil. Magneto proceeds to conquer the small nation of Santo Marco, turning it into a sanctuary for mutants. The mutants who belonged to the X-Men now fight alongside Magneto and his Brotherhood in this alternate reality. The military attacks Santo Marco, but the mutants are “poorly trained”, resulting in fatalities, Iceman among them.

By this time, Xavier, the Juggernaut, emerges from the cave-in and makes his way to Santo Marco. He stops the military single-handedly, and declares to the United Nations that “mutants the world over are under [his] protection”. He would destroy anyone that harmed mutants. Xavier banishes Magneto on the basis of Magneto’s personal greed for power.

The rest of the mutants are brought back to the Xavier Estate, and are “rechristened X-Men”. They are immediately attacked by Sentinels, designed better in this reality. Xavier takes them out easily and destroys their base. The world sees him as their biggest treat, a “super-villain”. Next, the Fantastic Four launches an attack on the X-Men after the fall of the Sentinels, but Xavier taps into the minds of the world’s leading scientists and comes up with a solution that permanently depowers the Fantastic Four. Subsequently, the other Marvel superheroes are either depowered, exposed, or threatened into exile by Xavier. World War III is short lived, but the mutants triumph in the end. Humans now live in fear of being hunted down by mutants.

Meanwhile, the mutants live like royalty in plush apartments. Scott and Jean are “senior squad leaders”, responsible for patrolling the streets to hunt down human rebel forces. They have three small children: their oldest daughter Rachel, and two younger twin boys, Christopher and Philip.

One night while Scott and Jean are on duty, they witness young mutants on the street making a ruckus attacking humans. A squad of X-Men arrive. While the mutants roam free unpunished for attacking innocent humans, the humans are punished instead. Outraged by this display, Scott calls for a meeting with the whole team. He tries to urge the team to stop all the terrorising. They are acting worse then humans have towards themselves. Some like Pietro, Wanda and Piotr are touched by Scott’s humanity while the others are disgusted. The team is divided and those following Scott’s lead are exiled by the Juggernaut.

While they file out, Marko emerges from the shadows, undetected by Xavier. He brings the exiled X-Men to Asteroid M to meet Magneto. Marko, driven from the Xavier Estate he had inherited after Xavier’s supposed death, joined forces with Magneto to seek revenge on his brother. Magneto has a plan to destroy Xavier. After twenty years, he has managed to come close enough to replicating the metal of Xavier’s armour. Wearing the headband Magneto created would help shield them from Xavier’s enhanced powers so they can take him down by force. The exiled X-Men reluctantly accept.

They attack the X-Men’s base, drawing Xavier’s attention. Piotr is knocked into a comatose state, and Xavier gains knowledge of part of the plan against him. He follows the exiled X-Men into space. Scott tries to talk sense into Xavier to give up his tyrannical ways, but Jean gives the go ahead to blast Xavier into space when he threatens to kill Scott.

Knowing that with Xavier gone, Magneto would once again try to regain control of the power he once had, in essence, taking over Xavier’s tyrannical rule. Scott vows that with his new team, he will try to “protect mutantkind -- humanity -- the whole world” against Magneto.