The Brotherhood breaks out a dangerous mutant, Nitro, from the MRD.

Scott has Emma try to find Jean again. Even as a level five mutant, Jean remains undetected. Wolverine interrupts them with a mission to take Nitro from the Brotherhood and return him to MRD custody for his own good. Cyclops questions Wolverine’s motive but Wolverine explains his orders come from future-Xavier.

The Brotherhood uses Nitro to blow up a top secret MRD facility keeping files on registered mutants. This will set their operations back to “square one”. Quicksilver gets Psylocke to join the Brotherhood to “repay her debt” and “shut down” Nitro’s powers.

The X-Men track down the Brotherhood. While fighting the Brotherhood for Nitro, Nitro loses control of his powers. Storm lifts Nitro into the sky using the winds, saving everyone from the explosion.

Nitro returns to the MRD.