eXcessive Force

Scott is lost in thought at a cafe in the city. He is missing Jean and anxious to find her, he imagines every redhead who passes him to be Jean.

He spots one of Sinister’s Marauders, Harpoon, out on the streets. He takes him out and takes him back to the Institute for investigation. Initial interrogations reveal no hints to the whereabouts of Jean or Sinister. Sinister had previously kidnapped Jean to obtain her DNA sample to conduct his experiments.

Cyclops decides to conduct his own search. Emma catches him before he takes off and reveals to him the information she gathered from reading Harpoon’s mind in secret.

Cyclops ambushes Blockbuster and Vertigo, whom Harpoon was meeting to drop off samples. Cyclops tails Vertigo to the lab Arclight is working in. After destroying the lab, Cyclops goes after Arclight. Defeated, Arclight tells Cyclops where Sinister has Jean held.

Wolverine is furious that Emma kept information from him and allowed Cyclops to go after Sinister alone. Both go after him. Emma discovers from Arclight that Cyclops is walking into Sinister’s trap.

Harpoon is dropped off at the MRD.

Cyclops encounters Sinister and Multiple Men. Sinister has plans to experiment on Cyclops’ DNA. The X-Men come to Cyclops’ aid. Storm and the rest of the X-Men promise to help him find Jean. Wolverine however issues him an ultimatum, to be fully committed to the X-Men without distractions or finding Jean. Scott agrees to stay on the team.

Jean is revealed to have woken up in a hospital, but she has no memory of who she is.