Future-Xavier is still fighting against the Sentinels with the X-Men. Polaris had salvaged Sentinel parts and created a Sentinel, Rover, of their own to help.

Logan contacts future-Xavier with Scott's revelation of Jean's Phoenix manifestation as the cause of the explosion at the Institute. Xavier explains Jean only calls on the full extent of her powers when she is under stress. He connects the Phoenix to the massacre on Genosha. Polaris was the only survivor and the apocalyptic war on mutants began, leading to the current future. Xavier urges Logan to stop Phoenix to prevent the future from happening.

In the future, Bishop and Xavier try to determine the exact time Phoenix exploded Genosha, infiltrating a Sentinel base to steal Mastermold’s old data core. They walk into a trap. Just then, Marrow and Rover, their backup, run away from the X-Men. Rover, with Marrow, return to rescue the X-Men. Rover sacrifices himself so they can escape with the data core.

Xavier uncovers vital information about the Phoenix attack on Genosha, eight days into the future in Logan’s present time.

Upset over Rover’s death, Marrow decides to betray Xavier to Mastermold.